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Focus Groups

  • Over the years Hold On AMERICA has held 18 focus group research sessions with from 8 to 20 people in each session. Among other things, the participants are given telephones hooked up to audio players and asked to listen to various hold program components and rate them from bad to excellent. We have tested such elements as:
    • - message length
    • - male/female voice preference
    • - announcer attitude
    • - music length, feel and tempo
    • - audio quality
    ...and much more.
    focus_groupFrom these sessions we have developed program format elements (we call them "formatics") that we use in writing copy and encourage our clients to use if they want to write their own copy.
    These formatics include:
    • - messages 22 seconds long or less
    • - alternating male/female voices
    • - neutral announcer attitude
    • - 60-second or less upbeat (happy) music cuts
    • - messages integrated INTO the music (using the music as punctuation marks)
    ...and, again, more.
    At Hold On AMERICA we believe that YOUR business image is too important to be left to the whim of a copywriter...ANY copywriter. That's why we base all of our productions on solid research. Don't take chances...
    you've spent good advertising money urging people to call you so make sure your on-hold programming is the very best it can be... make sure you have a genuine Hold On AMERICA system working for you.

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