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  • Most people believe that it's OK to put a radio on hold to give callers something to hear while they wait on hold. Actually, that can be quite dangerous.

    detectiveYou could be hunted down and prosecuted.

    US Copyright law is very specific...

    A business putting commercial music on hold, no matter what the, CD, tape, mp3, or even a live band... must have "permission" from the copyright holder for each piece of music played. Permission, of course, is obtained via payment of...ta da...LICENSING FEES of up to $900 a year!

    ASCAP, The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, BMI, Broadcast Music Incorporated, and SESAC (the letters don't stand for anything) are the three non-profit organizations in the country sanctioned by Congress to disburse royalties collected from businesses that use commercial music to the writers, artists and publishers of that music. It doesn't matter what kind of business uses the music the fees are to be paid. It's how song writers, artists, publishers and others in the music industry earn their livings. Nonpayment of royalties is considered theft of intellectual property and is called "music piracy," or, "intentional copyright infringement." Panalties for ICI can be severe and include jail time, fines, and punitive damage awards.

    These are not good times for the music industry so they are taking every opportunity to collect royalties wherever they can and the collection arms of ASCAP, BMI and SESAC are busier than ever.

    With a 
    Hold On AMERICA system, all music licensing fees are included in our costs so that concern is eliminated for you.


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